Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry



Recruitment of PMU Staff – Agricultural Value Chain Development Project (AVDP)

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is implementing the agriculture value Chain Development Project. The Project is in its third year of implementation and will be implemented over six years with the overall goal of improving livelihoods, food security and climate resilience of rural farming households. The project’s development objective is to increase incomes for smallholder farmers through the promotion of agriculture as a business. The project is financed by IFAD, the Adaption Fund, the private sector, the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) and beneficiaries. IFAD is supervising the project.

The project is working in all the country’s 16 districts, primarily with Farmers Organizations, Service Providers, and SMEs in the rice, vegetables, cocoa and oil palm value chains though crop diversification to enhance nutrition and create alternative income streams will figure prominently in project activities. The ADVP is adopting a value chain approach, intervening either directly or through partners in all links in the value chain from seed supply through processing and marketing. The project has been structured to maximize synergies with two World Bank funded projects, one AfDB and one IsDB that are intervening in the same value chains.

For the implementation of this project MAF is recruiting some staff of the Project Management Unit whose positions have been declared vacant. Below is the technical requirement for these staff.